EU: Iacop, cohesion, both on funds and migrants

(ANSA) – TRIESTE – ”The issue of migrants is not an emergency but an issue that we should tackle through a European policy. Immigration policies are related to the overall cohesion of European politics, which should be based on a common policy and responsibility shared by all member countries. We have to share both in giving and in receiving: Cohesion Fund support the development of countries and countries should therefore have a sharing attitude even when they deal with emergencies and difficulties”.

This is the statement made by the President of the Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia and coordinator of the Conference of the Italian Regional Parliaments, Franco Iacop, on the sidelines of the plenary assembly of the European Committee of the Regions, held over the last few days in Brussels. Among the issues discussed at the Assembly, the issue of cohesion policy: focusing on this topic, Iacop said that re-centralization shoud be avoided.

”The Cohesion Fund has always represented the programme through which local development enhanced the growth of communities. The Committee of the Regions reiterates the value of European cohesion policy, which supports local autonomy, a driving force for local development, capable to make the most of this important European financial aid. Reducing funding – Iacop added – would mean blocking numerous development plans and this would happen even if the cohesion funds were re-centralized or partly implemented in national programmes”. (ANSA).




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