Migrants: Iacop, Italy leader of reception but it’s EU problem

(ANSA) – TRIESTE – Italy is “leader of the reception, but migration crisis can not be a problem only for our country”, coordinator of the Conference of Italian regional councils Franco Iacop said. Iacop was part of the Delegation of the Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC), that visited Pozzallo’s hotspot in Sicily. Iacop pointed out that “our delegation has tested the great organizational capacity to face one of the obligations that Italy has as European frontier”. He added that “the issue is not an emergency but is structural and and therefore requires the organization and contribution of all European countries. (At the hotspot) we wanted to see European uniforms rather than just Italian”. According to the coordinator, “if in December 2016 were resettled in other EU States only 2,350 migrants of the 40,000 set by the European plan, it’s evident that is difficult to apply a shared responsibility”.

Iacop said that immigration “is a top priority not only for national governments and parliaments but also for regional and local authorities. They are the true frontline, because they must provide newcomers responses and suffer the social impact.

The problem is structural and it also addresses aspects of security and the protection of legality”. Iacop added that “politics must be able to define appropriate responses to ensure the dignity of migrant people and their possible integration.

This also applies to the management of hotspots that can only function by combining control and sharing of responsibilities at European level”. (ANSA).




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